Frequently Asked Questions

Adiri® FAQs

Is the bottle BPA Free?
Yes. The bottle is made with BPA free polypropylene plastics and the nipple and one way valve use only high grade Silicone.
Do the bottles come in different colors?
Yes. Currently the bottles come in 3 colors: pink, blue and white, with new colors to be introduced.
What are the four main advantages of the bottle over its competitors?
The four main advantages of the bottle are the innovative nipple design, materials safety, venting and ease of use.
Do the nipples have different flows?
Yes. There are 4 flow rates: Newborn, Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3.
Is the bottle vented to allow even airflow and help to reduce colic?
The bottle has a unique Petal™ Design, one inch diaphragm valve, (similar in principal to a snorkel) that is integrated into the bottom cap. This one-way valve allows air into the bottle freely to equalise pressure.
Are the nipples interchangeable between bottle sizes?
Yes, the 4 different flow rate nipples (Newborn, Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3) are interchangeable between the 5.5oz/163ml and the 9.5oz/281ml bottles.
Is the bottle easy to clean?
Yes, the bottle is easy to clean. It is designed in 3 components that come apart easily by unscrewing.
Can I remove the flow valve on the base of the bottle?
Although the Silicone Petal™ may be removed from the bottom cap it is not necessary for cleaning. The one-way valve was designed to admit air thus also allowing it to admit hot water to clean the underside of the valve.
Should I use the microwave to sterilize the bottle or warm its contents?
It is recommended to use boiling water or an electric sterilizer to sterilize the bottle. Also it is recommended to warm the liquid contents separately prior to placing in the bottle. It is not recommended to microwave the bottle.
Does the bottle come with a warming disc?
The bottle comes with a green removable warming disc found attached to the bottom cap. Please ensure you remove the green disc when feeding so as not to block the venting air flow.
Can I replace broken, damaged or lost parts or do I have to replace the entire bottle?
Yes. We offer a full line of replacement parts which are easy to replace and install.
The Adiri® NxGen™ Nurser looks familiar where might I have seen it other than retail outlets?
The Adiri® NxGen™ Nurser is an inductee in the Pasadena Museum of California Art and also appeared in the movie “The Back Up Plan” starring Jennifer Lopez.
Has the Adiri® NxGen™ Nurser won any awards?
Yes! The Adiri® NxGen™ Nurser has won 16 prestigious awards.
Are the bottle and its parts dishwasher safe?
Yes, the bottle and parts are dishwasher safe. Although the bottle is made out of heat resistant plastics it is recommended to place the bottle on the top rack of the dishwasher.

ReliaBrand Products and Accessories FAQs

Are ReliaBrand™ cups and drinking bottles dishwasher safe?
Yes. ReliaBrand™ cups and drinking bottles are dishwasher safe but top shelf only.
Does ReliaBrand offer any other products other than the Adiri® NxGen™ Nurser?
Yes. ReliaBrand™ offers a full range of products from newborn to toddler including Soothers, Teething Rings, Sippy cups, etc.
Are the products BPA free?
All ReliaBrand™ products are made with BPA free plastics.
Are ReliaBrand™ products safe?
Yes. All ReliaBrand™ products are designed and manufactured to comply with the highest safety standards.
Does ReliaBrand™ make a Silicone baby bottle?
Yes. ReliaBrand™ makes a 9oz/270ml baby bottle that its body and nipple are made entirely out of Silicone.
Are the ReliaBrand™ Sippy and drinking cups spill proof?
Yes. The ReliaBrand™ Sippy and drinking cups come with spill proof lids and a removable flapper valve. The unique design of the flapper valve is that although it is leak proof it allows ease of flow of liquid.
Can ReliaBrand™ products be sterilized?
All ReliaBrand™ products are suitable for sterilization by steam (electric), boiling (5 minutes) or cold water tablet/liquid solution.
Is it possible to replace broken, damaged or lost parts?
Yes. ReliaBrand™ offers a full line of replacement parts which are easy to replace and install.
Where are the ReliBrand™ products available for purchase?
ReliaBrand™ products are available for purchase via internet and soon via boutique baby stores and leading retail outlets.
Since ReliaBrand™ uses high quality materials, superb craftsmanship and attractive functional design are the products expensive?
ReliaBrand™ manufactures its products using cost effective processes to control costs thus ensuring competitive pricing.

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