Adiri Dog 14 oz
Adiri Dog 14 oz
Adiri Dog 14 oz
Adiri Dog 14 oz
Adiri Dog 14 oz

Adiri® Dog 14oz

Features and Benefits

  • Soft, smooth center spout makes it easy to feed without the worry of spillage
  • Patented leak-proof valve makes life easy without the worry of accidental spillage
  • Wide neck allows for easy filling and cleaning
  • Patented Jet Flow valve’s rate is determined by the child’s suction
  • BPA Free


Available in 14oz (414mL)

Available Colors:

  • Blue: AD012BL-2925C
  • Pink: AD012PK-224C
  • Green: AD012GR-360C
  • Orange: AD012OR-1495C

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